Enter Bills To Pay

One-Time Payment With an Invoice Number: The current invoice number is needed. It can be located in the upper portion of your invoice.  If you do not have your invoice you can call the office during business hours (360) 668-6766.     

  1.     Select Bill Type - Utility Billing.
  2.     Enter the Invoice Number.
  3.     Click Search.
All of the open invoices on the account will be visible.  You have the option to select or de-select invoices.

Please Note: The information used will not be maintained on the website or by the district in order to protect your personal information.  As a result, you will be required to input the information again the next time a one-time payment is made.

* The System will send you an  acknowledgement email if the transaction is complete.

Notice: the system DOES NOT VALIDATE Routing or Account numbers when entering a Quick Check payment.  Please ensure you are entering the information correctly and triple check the routing and account number.  Payments rejected by the bank will be treated as a returned item and receive a $30.00 charge.

If your invoice is not found or you have questions, please call (360)668-6766 during business hours.

Pay Bill
  Only enter digits, do not
enter any dashes in the
invoice number.
  Select Bill Type Invoice Number